PSCORE Interns Introductions


Annelise Dussud

Social Media Intern

Hello, My name is Annelise Dussud, I am French and I am currently a Master student at Ewha Womans University. I joined the team of Model UNSF in September following the decision of Bada. Before, I was a Social Media Intern for PSCORE. I started to follow then Tohi’s timeline and we helped her create the Model UNSF. I was in charge of creating the application to recruit the future members of the OC as well as the recruitment paper. I posted as well on the social media of PSCORE for the countdown posts about the recruitment. We did after the interviews and I reported the datas from those interviews to help create a social media post that summarized numbers and main information about the interviews. I helped create the timeline and duties explanation for the Tech Team and did a presentation to them. I am excited to see how the Model UNSF will grow and how it is going to be held.



Model UNSF Intern

Hi! My name is Tatiana. I am originally from Russia, currently living and studying in Oxford, United Kingdom. I am an international student studying law. I have long been interested in North Korea’s human rights crisis, therefore I decided to join the PSCORE team in July 2021 and plan to stay up until January. At PSCORE I mainly focus on raising awareness around the world about hardships North Korean people have to experience. I am currently working on the Model UNSF


Diba Ismaili

Model UNSF Intern

Hi! My name is Diba Ismaili, and I’m currently studying abroad in Korea with Minerva University. I’m originally from Oslo, Norway, and have been most engaged in the field of sustainability and environmentalism; however, coming to Korea, I wanted to engage in the regional issues at the forefront of politics. So, I’m currently interning for PSCORE, specifically working on Model UNSF, and doing tasks spanning website ideation to finding sponsors. I’m very excited to see how the conference unfolds!


Jenny Peters

Model UNSF Intern

Hello everyone! My name is Jenny Peters and I am a Master Student of Peace and Conflict Studies from Germany. My studies have reflected my enormous interest in conflict and security issues in Asia, specifically Korea, as well as the role and involvement of international institutions and organizations. I completed an internship with PSCORE from May until August this year and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more on how the conflict with North Korea is affecting the life of South Koreans as well as North Korean defectors and how, from a civil society perspective, a NGO can take action and get involved within the international framework. Following my long personal involvement with Model United Nations, I am excited to support the organization of this new format of Model UNSF. I believe it can create new experiences and thereby foster new ways of discussions and exchange among students, especially around the issue of North Korea. North Korea is often exclusively debated in regard to security, however I believe it is time to concentrate more on human rights issues and the development of the country to the benefit of its citizens. I hope our participants can take a new lead and create innovative approaches within this conference in order to address root issues of North Korea within the framework of SDGs.