Model UNSF Academy

Model UNSF Academy

What is MUNSF Academy?

The Model UNSF Academy is a new online lecture series that was created as a venue for students and young professionals to give a better understanding of the United Nations Strategic Framework, the Voluntary National Review, and ECOSOC and the High-Level Political Forum. The series consists of three lectures by key players in the areas of SDGs and the UN.

Starting in January 2022, Model UNSF Academy will be uploading online lectures to the PSCORE Youtube Channel. Lectures will be hosted by expert speakers in the field.

Join us from January 2022 on the PSCORE Youtube Channel for an exciting lecture series, dialogue, and new connections.

Implementation of the SDGs: Role of the follow-up and review process

The DPRK's Voluntary National Review (VNR) on the implementation of the SDGs

DPRK-UN Strategic Framework and SDGs Implementation