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Our Project Manager

Hi everyone! I am Rémi Zenaïdi! I am a student at Sciences Po Lille, currently in exchange with Chung Ang University and I’m interning at the same time at PSCORE! 

As project manager of Model UNSF 2024, it has been my role to initiate the structure of the event, as well as supervising the overall organization of the event. Being really active in MUN for now 3 years, it is such an honour for me to take care of this unique conference! 

Model UNSF is indeed the only conference enabling the participants to have visits, lectures and talks as well as simulations. This mix gives the opportunity to understand deeply multiples aspects of the conference’s subjects. At the end of the 3 days, the participants will have acquired thorough knowledge about the Korean Peninsula and human rights in North Korea. They will then spread this awareness around them, at a time when it is very important to keep talking about the situation in North Korea. 

The various workshops and activities of our conference are also the perfect tools to promote cohesion, multilateralism and international law, in a world facing the challenges of these principles. These ones are however crucial to build a peaceful and appeased world, where humans rights could be a reality for everyone. Convincing you of that is for me the very first goal of this Model UNSF 2024!

Remi Zenaldi PhotoRémi Zenaïdi, Project Manager

Model UNSF Researchers

Hi! my name is Zelal, and I am an undergraduate studying international relations and law in Germany. Currently, I am doing an exchange year at CNU in Daejeon and also intern at PSCORE. Working in the organizing team for the Model UNSF 2024 is a very unique experience, as it provides insights into the background of such conferences. My interest in Model United Nations was sparked by my own participation in the NMUN Conference in NYC last year. 

So far, I really enjoy working with PSCORE as it gives me the chance to support human rights in North Korea and also to work with an inspiring and diverse team. Unfortunately, human rights violations in North Korea often go unnoticed due to the lack of visibility in the media and on the global stage. However, it’s precisely because it is overlooked by many that I believe it is crucial to shine a light on these issues. That’s why I think the Model UNSF conference is a great platform to gain education on what needs to be done to improve the human rights situation for North Koreans.


Zelal Cetinkaya, Model UNSF Intern

Nadjia PhotoNadja Schaffer, Model UNSF Intern

Hi, I´m Nadja and I’m currently a master’s student at the University of Bonn in Germany in the major “Economy and Society in Asia.” After completing the fall semester 2023 at Sogang University, I decided to gain some practical knowledge in the field of human rights and came to join the PSCORE team in January 2024. I think PSCORE offers the unique opportunity to get a closer insight into North Korean human rights issues and work closely with others interested in the field. One of these examples is the Model UNSF conference which I organized alongside other interns. Projects like these show that North Korean human rights are not only a Korean issue, but a global one and gives insight for possible resolutions and future efforts. For people interested in the general topic of human rights the work at PSCORE is a great insight into this line of work. Besides the Model UNSF conference I am part of the Research Team, which means I read various sources concerning human rights and then am tasked with writing reports about them in regards to North Korea.  

Team of 2023

Our Founder

Tohi Kim, Founder of Model UNSF

Hi! I’m Tohi and I’m the founder of the Model United Nations Strategic Framework along with Bada Nam from the People for Successful Corean Reunification. I take the lead in the PSCORE Team for the Model UNSF and manage the Organizing Committee. For the Model UNSF being the second international conference that I will be arranging, I have a high hope in implementing what I learned in the first conference – Model United Nations for Successful Corean Reunification (MUNSCR) – and in providing the best experience to both the organizing members and the participants.

Model UNSF is the first of its kind in allowing the participants to represent UN agencies instead of the member states in discussing national affairs. The idea was a product of PSCORE and our sponsor UniKorea Foundation and was further formulated by PSCORE interns and the Organizing Committee members. PSCORE interns cover a variety of ethnic backgrounds with great passion in the diplomatic affairs of the Korean peninsula, and the Organizing Committee members made it through a competitive application process of 9% acceptance rate. Each and every member adds enormous confidence in the quality of the conference and I can’t express enough excitement for our soon to be recruited participants.

I hope every involved individual seeks this opportunity as a motivation to learn more about the human rights issues in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the role of international organizations in supporting its member states to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by year 2030.

Project Managers

Somi Cha, Project Manager

Hello! my name is Jina Jeon and I am an International Studies major in Underwood International College at Yonsei University. I have always had avid interest in global affairs, how much impact youth engagement can bring to them. For this reason I constantly look for and think of ways I could make important contributions to this process and being a part of the upcoming Model UNSF conference became one of them.

I am one of the many who believe that youth engagement has a pivotal role in today’s world : which is why I have participated as a Model UNSF 2022 as a delegate, where I was inspired to become a part of organizing Model UNSF 2023. Because being a part of Model UNSF 2022 was such an eye-opening experience for me as a delegate, I hope my contribution as a project manager can help Model UNSF 2023 become a marvelous experience for all. I sincerely hope this year’s conference inspires everyone.

The age of 21st century has now opened up to a diversity of stakeholders, not just member states as actors but UN agencies, International Organizations, NGOs and even MNCs and such. I believe this is why events and conferences like Model UNSF is becoming more crucial than ever, where the students not only get to advocate for the member states in the UN, but also a diversity of UN agencies. From experiencing a multitude of perspective, I hope the student’s experience participating in Model UNSF could become an important stepping stone for them.

Beyond words, I am grateful to have become a part of this process of engaging youth in international global affairs, SDGs (pertaining to North Korean affairs) as a project manager for Model UNSF 2023 conference. I hope to see a lot of brilliant minds come together to have a fruitful discussion.

Somi Cha, Project Manager

Hi! My name is Somi Cha and I am the Project Manager for this year’s Model UNSF conference along with Jina. I am currently majoring in International Studies in Ewha Womans University.

I’ve been working with PSCORE since last year, first as a Organizing Committee of MUNSCR 2022. After the conference, I got a chance to work as the project manager for this year’s Model UNSF. While preparing for the conference I felt a great pride as the Model UNSF conference is a great way to raise awareness of North Korean issues to young individuals all around the world, especially having great relevance as it is in relation to the Model United Nations Strategic Framework. I hope we can make a successful conference!

PSCORE Interns


Clara Norberg

Model UNSF Intern

Elana Guido

Model UNSF Intern

Simeunovic Isidora

Model UNSF Intern
Team of 2022

Hello! My name is Zsofia Bodnar and I am from Hungary. I am part of the PSCORE Team for the Model UNSF Conference. I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies majoring in International Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. 

I have been part of the PSCORE Team since the beginning of September and I will be staying until the end of the conference. While working on the conference I have been assigned various duties such as interviewing potential candidates for the Organizing Committee, creating promotional materials, recruiting lecturers for the Model UNSF Lecture Series, seeking partner MUNs, and organizing the orientations with my peers.
I believe our current members and future participants will be great inspirations for young individuals and our future leaders and they will be key actors for raising awareness of the issues surrounding North Korea in reference to the Sustainable Development Goals

Zsofia Bodnar, Project Manager


Model UNSF Intern

Hello, my name is Maddie and I’m an undergraduate student from the United States. I’m currently an exchange student at Yonsei University studying political science and diplomacy. I joined the PSCORE team in September, and will be staying until June, 2022. I have really enjoyed working with the Model UNSF organizers and witnessing their passion about international organizations and improving quality of life in North Korea. During the conference, I am confident that participants and organizers will produce an outstanding Strategic Framework and I’m excited to continue learning more about North Korea.


S. Esi Arthur Apraku

Model UNSF Intern

I’m S. Esi Arthur Apraku; I am Ghanian-Italian from Italy, soon graduating from The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy.
I have been interested in Korea for a while. Thanks to my studies on International Cooperation and Development and personal interest in the field, I searched for an internship in South Korea. I came across PSCORE thanks to my brother, who was helping me to find companies for an internship.
I joined PSCORE Team in September until the end of November, working in the model UNSF conference. Besides that, I have been part of the promotional materials, helping in the social media content, especially on the YouTube platform, Interviews for youtube content, and the Model UNSF, which will be in January 2022.
For someone hungry for knowledge, being part of PSCORE has given me an excellent opportunity to explore different parts of an NGO, with the chance to learn from colleagues and various fields of a single organization. I believe that a chance like this shapes each individual professionally and personally to have considerable skills in life.


Annelise Dussud

Social Media Intern

Hello, My name is Annelise Dussud, I am French and I am currently a Master student at Ewha Womans University. I joined the team of Model UNSF in September following the decision of Bada. Before, I was a Social Media Intern for PSCORE. I started to follow then Tohi’s timeline and we helped her create the Model UNSF. I was in charge of creating the application to recruit the future members of the OC as well as the recruitment paper. I posted as well on the social media of PSCORE for the countdown posts about the recruitment. We did after the interviews and I reported the datas from those interviews to help create a social media post that summarized numbers and main information about the interviews. I helped create the timeline and duties explanation for the Tech Team and did a presentation to them. I am excited to see how the Model UNSF will grow and how it is going to be held.



Model UNSF Intern

Hi! My name is Tatiana. I am originally from Russia, currently living and studying in Oxford, United Kingdom. I am an international student studying law. I have long been interested in North Korea’s human rights crisis, therefore I decided to join the PSCORE team in July 2021 and plan to stay up until January. At PSCORE I mainly focus on raising awareness around the world about hardships North Korean people have to experience. I am currently working on the Model UNSF


Diba Ismaili

Model UNSF Intern

Hi! My name is Diba Ismaili, and I’m currently studying abroad in Korea with Minerva University. I’m originally from Oslo, Norway, and have been most engaged in the field of sustainability and environmentalism; however, coming to Korea, I wanted to engage in the regional issues at the forefront of politics. So, I’m currently interning for PSCORE, specifically working on Model UNSF, and doing tasks spanning website ideation to finding sponsors. I’m very excited to see how the conference unfolds!


Jenny Peters

Model UNSF Intern

Hello everyone! My name is Jenny Peters and I am a Master Student of Peace and Conflict Studies from Germany. My studies have reflected my enormous interest in conflict and security issues in Asia, specifically Korea, as well as the role and involvement of international institutions and organizations. I completed an internship with PSCORE from May until August this year and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more on how the conflict with North Korea is affecting the life of South Koreans as well as North Korean defectors and how, from a civil society perspective, a NGO can take action and get involved within the international framework. Following my long personal involvement with Model United Nations, I am excited to support the organization of this new format of Model UNSF. I believe it can create new experiences and thereby foster new ways of discussions and exchange among students, especially around the issue of North Korea. North Korea is often exclusively debated in regard to security, however I believe it is time to concentrate more on human rights issues and the development of the country to the benefit of its citizens. I hope our participants can take a new lead and create innovative approaches within this conference in order to address root issues of North Korea within the framework of SDGs.

Our Sponsor


UniKorea Foundation

The UniKorea Foundation, founded in May 2015, is dedicated to preparations for a Korean unification by working towards mutual cooperation between the two Koreas and promoting peace and reconciliation among North and South Koreans and the world as a whole.