Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The Model UNSF is divided in three main parts: 

Organizing Committee

It is composed of three teams:



The PSCORE Team comprises skilled project managers responsible for meticulously planning events and supervising the preparation process. Additionally, our team includes dedicated ModelUNSF researchers who have immersed themselves in understanding the intricacies of the ModelUNSF, equipping them to proficiently train other participants in the workshop's mechanisms, rules, and procedures.



Admin Team

The administrative team plays a pivotal role in managing logistics and preparation. They manage the entire schedule, crafting essential documents like Handbooks, Rules of Procedures, and Consent Forms for ModelUNSF participants. Should you have any questions during the event, they are your go-to resource for assistance.

Promotion Team

The promotion team members are mainly responsible for creating content and designing materials for the official Model UNSF website, social media platforms, and other community websites. Apart from promoting, the promotion team raises awareness of the objectives of PSCORE and ModelUNSF and contributes to the making of promotional videos.


A delegate in the Model UNSF Conference is a participant who represents a UN body other than an assigned country, and deliberates on issues from the UN body’s perspective, and not from the delegate's perspective or point of view. In other words, during the conference a delegate will act as an accredited diplomat of the agency they are representing and will debate upon the strategic focus of the council they will be placed in, while always respecting the Rules of Procedure. All delegates are required to read through the research guide to procedure, submit a pre-conference assignment, and attend orientations in January.

Resident Coordinators

The resident coordinator focuses on keeping the debate flowing by facilitating it and ensuring that delegates obey the Rules of Procedure. Resident Coordinators also explain and clarify rules so that even the most novice delegates feel at ease. All resident coordinators have to have a clear understanding of the strategic focuses.